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The Company

Guardian s.r.l. is established to develop the evolved digital platform of the home security. It is born from the experience of I.CO., which was an italian company founded in 2009, that study and realize solutions with a high level of creativity and ingenuity to improve the life of the city and its citizens, the territory and the ambience. Guardian has acquired the “know how” of I.CO, and actively cooperate with the University of Bologna. Guardian works on WSN network to monitor the areas affected by the hydrogeological instability. It uses the technology developed by University of Bologna, but only after an intensive study of the real problems of the territory, the communication channel and the energy saving. The company flagship product is Guardian SismAlarm, an innovative device for domestic use which is unique in the market and developed with the last-generation technology. It is internationally branded for uniqueness. It recognizes the primary wave of an earthquake and alert the users before the arrival of the second-destructive wave; at the end of earthquake it check the good structural to allow the user to do the appropriate checks on the building. Maurizio Taormina, administrator of Guardian, previously administrator of I.CO., is convinced that sismalarm will surpass even the scrutiny of skeptics because there is absolutely nothing of like that on the market.

Leading factors of Guardian

Measurement and data transmission

Constant transmission of the parameters measured in the field.

Data Analysis

Data study and analysis


Continuous exchange of information with leading national systems (Civil Protection).

Cloud System

Data always available and accessible at any time from PC, smartphone and tablet.

Industrial Solutions

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