Guardian dHome

Guardian dHome


Guardian Dhome offers several solutions to report situations of potential alarm should differ according to the level of sensors and associated services .
Thanks to the range of available sensors can detect multiple emergencies:

  • intrusion perimeter and area;
  • smoke and fire;
  • flooding;
  • electrical blackout;
  • distress call staff;
  • gas leaks;

All solutions have active SIM card for sending of reports and also offer:

  • ability to send text messages or calls with the device as if it were a telephone;
  • activation or deactivation of the settings via remote access;
  • internal battery backup;
  • wireless sensors in the home.

The solution Guardian HomeBox Advanced could be integrated with other sensors and different devices from those in the standard equipment, and with addition to the possibility of management through the APP, this will make the product technologically at the top of the digital home management:

  • Climate control: Thermostatic Valves;
  • Energy Saving: Wireless lamp;
  • Smart Socket Wireless;

Solutions are stable, tested and certified for the European market, with an installation manual and an installation kit. Moreover, it is simplified in such a way that end user can perform installation at home by their own without the intervention of a specialist.



HomeBox Simple

HomeBox Advanced


Water leakage sensor

Smoke sensor

PIR sensor

Door sensor

Remote control keys

Broken Glass

Siren Alarms

Gas leak


Here are some examples (theft, smoke detection and flooded ) where the Guardian Dhome is able to intervene by sending to the Cloud a warning alert.
The latter is then forwarded to both users via message (or call) and the main systems of alarm back (eg. Watch , Hydraulic ).

esempio furto esempio fumo esempio allagamento Guardian Comunicazione

Guardian App

Guardian’s App allows you to monitor possible alerts wherever you are through your smartphone or tablet and interact with the devices that check your house when you are not at home, only with a click. You have a dashboard to control every aspect of your home, through a simple and intuitive application.
The Guardian’s App will provide infinite media giving you the possibility to download the installation manuals and valuable advice to optimize Guardian Dhome.

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