Guardian Galileo i-Fire

The Guardian platform provides the monitoring, control and warning of fire risk

The Galileo i-Fire system solution can be applied to monitor areas considered at risk of fire by incorporating complex algorithms of computer vision with image capturing infrared self-powered tools which can communicate using wireless technologies.
Using a thermal imaging camera to capture images and sending them via wireless to a remote server, you can have a continuous and real-time monitoring of large areas, achieving the same result as that with the use of ten thousands infrared thermometers. This is possible thanks to an advanced software able to recognize areas subject to fire and to promptly alert the relevant authorities. Galileo i-Fire System is an ideal solution thanks to the portability of its hardware and its capacity of self-adaptation to the new conditions of the monitored area.
This solution can be integrated with automated methods of smoke and fires detection using field sensors distributed throughout. The nodes are associated to sensors able to detect the physical quantities of temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide (CO) and dioxide (CO2). Oxygen (O2) detectors allow to verify that the alarm threshold, related to the oxygen content in the air, is less than 23%, the limit value for possible fire risk.


Self-powered wireless station, with infrared image acquisition.


Infrared image acquired by the system


3D Mathematical modeling of the acquired temperature