Guardian Landslides

The Guardian platform ensures the monitoring, control and warning of landslide risk.

The monitoring system of the fronts of landslides The Guardian – Landslides, has been developed considering specific hydrogeological parameters necessary for the realization of an extremely effective tool for monitoring the fronts of the landslides.
The most typical manifestations of hydrogeological phenomena are landslides and flooding. The solution The Guardian system can integrate, meteorological sensors such as:

  • anemometer;
  • pluviometer;
  • thermohygrometer;
  • barometer;

Additional information from sensors located throughout the territory, such as:

  • hydrometric digital meter;
  • hydrometric reel for the measurement of water flow;
  • ultrasonic level sensor;
  • electrical piezometers;
  • extensometers;
  • surface inclinometers;
  • inclinometer probes.

The installation of The Guardian - Landslides is recommended not only for constant monitoring, but also in cases of rapid intervention to evaluate the risk of landslides in specific large areas

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