Guardian Wireless Digital Landfills

The Guardian platform provide to control the management process and monitor the environmental risks in landfills.

The Guardian technology is the ideal solution for the optimization of the management process and the control of landfills.
A landfill is a complex environment that needs to be constantly monitored in all phases of its life: from its construction to the management after its closure. All checks are made following a surveillance plan that includes a number of parameters to be monitored through systems of monitoring and analysis standardized for all; following this way there is no discrepancy between the data.

The flexibility and mobility offered by wireless solutions are ideal for monitoring parameters and processes within large and evolving areas like landfills. Through the use of WSN The Guardian and its network of sensors, it is possible to acquire data from the landfill to monitor:

  • typical management processes of the landfill;
  • landslides;
  • smoke and fire.